Posted on Oct 19, 2019

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How to recognise your Kula Deivam. What is the difference between your Kula Deivam and Ishta Deivam

​Generally “Kula Deivam” is a God / Goddess / Demi-God whom one's family worships traditionally through generations. The male children of the family will carry on the tradition and pass it on to their next generation whereas for female children's Kula Devatha will change after their marriage as they've to follow carry on their spouse's tradition. Kula takes care of our generation and each and everyone will be having a kuladeivam. There are two types of Kula Deivam and it can be in form of AYYA ( Male) or AMMA (Female).

On the other hand “Ishta Deivam” is a God / Goddess / Demi-God whom one worship with their own will and wish. One can choose their own Ishta Deivam based on their comfortableness, compatibility, satisfaction, interest or with the guidance of their Guru or Elders.

So one can select their own Ishta Deivam but not Kula Deivam. Kuladeivam is the foremost God in each one our generation. After worshiping Kuladeivam only you can go temples of other form of God.
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