Posted on Oct 25, 2019

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How to search and find your Kuladeivam if you don’t know it

Due to various unexplained reasons, one (or) one's family may totally forget to follow their traditional practices and may have discontinued worshiping their Kula deivam. Its also possible that families gets confused between their Kula Deivam and Istha Deivam generations together and totally forgetting (or) ignoring their Kula Deivam. Some times, due to busy life style (or) location changes one's generations would have totally missed to know about their Kula deivam and would have no clue on how to find it again.

There are various proven methods for finding one's Kula deivam. Couple of methods involves reading of one's horoscope (male children in a family line) or through Prasanna Jothidam. A professional astrologer may help you on performing couple of simple pariharams and some good advice that will bring back your Kula Deivam in to your family focus.

We are in touch with couple of professional astrologers who can help you with finding your Kula Deivam. Call us to know more.​
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